Fordyce spots are not a disease. Fordyce spots are enlarged oil glands, and are whitish – yellow bumps that are found at the penis/scrotum (and labia, for females). Fordyce spots may even be found on the lips. 

The appearance of fordyce spots may cause an alarm, but rest assured, fordyce spots are not infectious, nor are they considered a sexually transmitted disease. 

Should you be conscious about the appearance of fordyce spots on the penis, you may opt for radiofrequency removal.

How it looks like?

Figure: fordyce spots


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Radiofrequency Removal

One-off removal 

Depending on number and extent. 

Pre-procedure preparation: 
Numbing cream will be applied to site of procedure and left for at least 20minutes.

Post-procedural care: 
As the outer most layer of the skin has been removed, anti-bacterial cream should be applied twice a day to prevent infection. 

Minimal to nil bleeding is expected.


Men's Health

Priapus Shot (P-shot)

Principle of therapy:
Using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from our blood that contains proteins involved in healing and growth

Duration of therapy:
30 minutes per session.

Frequency of therapy: Recommended frequency of once a week

Pre-procedure preparation:

Side effects:
Blood will be taken from arm via syringe and needle. PRP will be extracted from blood and injected back into penis. Mild pain or discomfort may be observed over site of injection, however not lasting as small needle is used for injection.

Men's Health


Principle of therapy:
Using electromagnetic waves to simulate kegel exercise, strengthening perineal muscles- muscles involved during erection and intercourse.

Duration of therapy:
30 minutes per session.

Frequency of therapy: Recommended frequency of therapy would be 2-3 times per week, however flexible.

Pre-procedure preparation:

Side effects:
Mild tingling sensation during procedure. Zero downtime post procedure.

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