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Kids Circumcision in Malaysia: Safe and Professional Care

At what age can you child get circumcised?

There are usually two main age stages at which circumcision is performed: during infancy (before 6 months), referred to as ‘infant circumcision,’ and also when the child reaches around 5-12 years old. Circumcision is also performed as an additional procedure during surgeries such as hernia surgery

Modern Circumcision

Modern circumcision is usually performed by healthcare professionals such as doctors, medical assistants, nurses, or trained and experienced health attendants. While there are several different techniques, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor is that the person is skilled in the circumcision technique being used. For children, the laser technique is the most popular. Laser circumcision can be done quickly and safely, with fewer complications and easy, painless post-circumcision care. For adult men, the stapler technique is the most popular. This is because the stapler heals faster than the laser technique, which requires stitches. Stapler wound care is also easier and less painful.

What Circumcision Techniques Can Be Performed?

zsr stapler


The best method for circumcision with minimal scarring after surgery, minimal bleeding, and faster recovery

laser circumcision


Using a laser knife to cut excess skin. Generally, it is better than the traditional method of using scissors



The clamp is the second best method, but due to its limited size for adults, it is more popular among children

conventional circumcision


This method is performed using scissors with the "dorsal-slit" technique. It is rarely used now for circumcision because it carries a high risk of bleeding and a long operation time

Stapler Circumcision

Developed in China, the circular stapler is a new device used for circumcision. Studies have shown that stapler circumcision requires a shorter operating time, causes minimal pain, and results in very low blood loss compared to other circumcision tools. Circumcision can be easily performed using local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The stapler device is a disposable tool that includes two parts: an inner bell and an outer bell. The inner bell is designed to protect the glans of the penis. The outer bell has a circular blade to cut the foreskin and a stapler to close the wound, preventing bleeding.

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Post-Surgery Care

Patients will undergo a wound examination within 2-3 days to check for any potential complications such as bleeding or infection. Other possible complications include swelling and bacterial infection, where the wound may fail to close. Therefore, patients will be taught proper wound care at home.


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