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EM Kegel Therapy in Malaysia: Strengthen Pelvic Muscles and Improve Health

Helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, and restores neuromuscular control

30 Minutes = 12 000 Kegel Exercises 

With a strong muscle, these will help in holding the ejaculation much more easier thus improving your performance. 

Here at our clinic, we provide the best treatments for men health related issues. Our physicians are professionally trained to provide the best possible care for your needs.

Signs and Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

The main symptom of premature ejaculation is not being able to delay ejaculation for more than
three minutes after penetration

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How to Address These Problems?

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Anaesthetic Agents

Reduces the sensitivity and delay ejaculation

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Oral Medications

To improve the erection thus easier for patient to control the ejaculation

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Kegel Therapy

Kegel exercise has been known to improve erection as well as strengthening up the pelvic floor muscle.

Compare EM-KEGEL Chair Therapy

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How Kegel Therapy Is done?

  • Select appropriate protocol and start the Kegel machine

  • Treatment will last around 30 minutes 

With the KEGEL THERAPY, it will help doing the kegel exercise for you
up to 12 000 TIMES in a single session.

The Benefits of Kegels for Men

You can feel the muscle when you try to stop urinating halfway or when you trying to stop the ejaculation. Imagine the muscle is like a “door”, if the wall is weak, its very difficult to hold the ejaculation. With a strong muscle, these will help in holding the ejaculation much more easier thus improving your performance.  

Other than that, it can also help in:​

  • Prevent bladder and bowel weakness

  • Improve and maintain healthy erectile function

  • Reduce pelvic pain

  • Naturally boost intimate sensations