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He Medical Clinic

Our Treatment for Men in Malaysia

Men's Treatment

At He Medical Clinic, we provide a broad range of services designed to address your men’s health and well-being requirements. Our treatments include:

Erectile Dysfunction

We offer comprehensive treatments for erectile dysfunction, focusing on improving sexual performance and restoring confidence. Our therapies are designed to enhance blood flow and stimulate natural responses, ensuring long-lasting solutions.

Premature Ejaculation

Specialising in premature ejaculation, we employ techniques and treatments that prolong sexual activity, balancing sensitivity and control for improved sexual satisfaction.

Peyronie’s Disease

Providing innovative solutions for Peyronie’s Disease, we target the reduction of penile curvature and improvement of erectile function, tailoring treatments to each patient's condition.

Ejaculation Disorder

Our treatments for ejaculation disorders address delayed and inhibited ejaculation, with strategies that enhance pleasure and control for optimal sexual health and performance.

Prostatitis/Chronic Pelvic Pain

Advanced therapies for prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain focus on reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, and restoring urinary and sexual function for long-term relief.


With precision, we address STD and HIV, offering advanced testing, customised care plans, and dedicated support for effective treatment and prevention, ensuring sustained sexual well-being.

Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

Non-invasive ESWT enhances blood flow, tissue repair, and sexual function, offering a drug-free path to vitality.


This therapy strengthens the pelvic floor using electromagnetic technology, improving bladder control and sexual health.


Utilising platelet-rich plasma, P-Shots stimulate regeneration, addressing erectile dysfunction and boosting sensation.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Tailor-made for men with low testosterone, this therapy boosts energy, mood, libido, and muscle strength.

Why Choose He Medical Clinic


We are committed to providing our patients with a confidential and safe space for all your medical needs.


Our clinic is led by a team of experienced doctors, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic environment for you.


We integrate and encourage the best healthcare services that are up-to-date, competent, and consistent.

General Treatments

At He Medical Clinic, we’re committed to offering comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to every aspect of men’s health. Our general treatments encompass:

Adult Circumcision

We offer adult circumcision with care and professionalism, enhancing hygiene and reducing health risks, with personalised aftercare.

Wart Removal

Effective wart removal treatments by our specialists using the latest techniques for healthy skin and quick recovery.

Anonymous HIV Testing

Our clinic provides confidential HIV testing with accurate results and supportive healthcare guidance.

Frenulum Breve

Treatment for frenulum breve to improve comfort and sexual function, conducted with sensitivity and expertise.

Radiofrequency Surgery

Minimally invasive radiofrequency surgery for various conditions, ensuring quick recovery and quality care.

Kids Circumcision

Gentle paediatric circumcision services prioritising comfort and safety, with support for parents.

Knee Pain Therapy

A range of therapies to relieve knee pain and improve mobility, helping you return to an active lifestyle.

What Patient Say About Our Clinic

Don’t just take our word for it, trust the experiences of our customers.

Ngwa Yue Se
Ngwa Yue Se
13 March 2024
That's a great Clinic here.I am fully recomand for this.Thanks for everything.
Sailesh Kumar
Sailesh Kumar
1 March 2024
In and out in 30mins. Service was excellent and the doctor was informative. Definitely coming again next year for my yearly health check
Tinesh Manikavasgam
Tinesh Manikavasgam
5 February 2024
Good treatment and reasonable price
Vikneswaran Saundrarajan
Vikneswaran Saundrarajan
1 February 2024
Good service Lily Fakrud Ikmal Dr.deeban
31 January 2024
Doctor was so helpful in explaining the procedure of testosterone therapy. Staff is also friendly, recommended for men who has concern with their health.